Sudhir Rental is the industry leader in Generator rental solution and provides containerized and canopy diesel generators to customers across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to our high–quality diesel generator sets hire, transformers, AWP Equipment’s rental, we offer tailored technical solutions to meet Customer’s requirements and excellent Service support through our team of highly skilled engineers.

Diesel generators are designed to offer an uninterrupted supply of power for a lot of industries like oil & gas and textile unit to make sure there is no hindrance in production.D g Set sizes to come in a range of 30 Kva to 500 Kva for homes, offices, and small industries with the outsize industrial generator coming in a range of 625 Kva to 1250 Kva used for large office compounds and factories in Riyadh, saudi arabia


Power generators are key to the oil and gas industry. They are part of the backbone that keeps them running. All major oil and gas companies rely of generators extensively. We at Brighten energy has the ability to provide the required Capacity, effective Power Generating equipment’s in Remote & Backward areas with ease.

We offer diesel generators on hire that can provide 30 Kva, 45 Kva, 100 Kva, 125 Kva, 350 Kva, 500 Kva and 750 Kva power. Our Diesel Generator sets are embedded with the best quality sound proof system that assures users of minimal noise.

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Looking to hire boom lift, man lift rental in Saudi Arabia, Sudhir rental provides 14.19m, 227kg, ELECTRIC Scissor lifts, JLG 800AJ 20.30m, 230kg, DIESEL Boomlift, JLG 600S in KSA

The usage of these man lifts is not restricted to a single process and can be used for a host of Installation, Maintenance & Cleaning related activities across different sectors in Saudi arabia

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Sudhir Gensets, offers solutions to such Govenrment & Road projects and give them the best hiring solutions for diesel generator & aerial equipment . We at brighten has the reputation to deliver & Operate as required temporary Power generators to government initiative & new projects in very short span of time.

We have a variety of equipment available in our fleet in Saudi Arabia, starting from 40 ft Scissor Lifts to 120 ft Boom lifts.