Sudhir’s Safety Experience: We Help You To Stay Safe!

Working at height is naturally more dangerous than working at street or floor level.

Indeed, when it comes to workplace accidents, falling from height remains the number one cause of serious injury.

That means that Sudhir can play a very important role in improving workplace safety and reducing the frequency of serious injury-causing falls, because an aerial work platform is almost always the safest solution for working at height.

In fact, in some cases, an AWP is the only safe solution for gaining access to work areas. But our commitment to safety doesn’t end when we sign a contract to rent or sell a piece of equipment.

Because our service is so closely linked to overall safety, we feel a special responsibility to help our customers to understand the importance of job site safety and the safe operation of our equipment.

Valuing Safety

Pro-active, Not Reactive

How We Help You Work More Safely

Aerial work platforms have undergone a massive transformation over the course of the last generation. Today you’ll find greater heights, further reach opportunities and better overall safety with all of the equipment assets that are available for sale/rent.

Sudhir’s Safe & Reliable Rental Solutions

Sudhir Power with its brand new fleet of machines provides unmatched quality of access equipments and material handling equipments.

Our machines are designed to keep in mind the highest safety features and many other unique features to keep our users safe while working at height.

We provide Rental Power Solutions and Material Handling Equipments that includes Generator, Boom lifts, Scissor Lifts, Forklift, Stock picker, Compressor, Light tower on Hiring / Rental basis all across Saudi Arabia.

We provide Articulating boom lift, Telescopic Boom lifts, Aerial Work Platforms, Aerial access Platforms, Spider Lift with ranging height from 6 Meters to 44 Meters height as per client’s requirement.

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