Silent Canopied Genset on Rent– 40 to 300 kVA

  • We offer a large fleet of generator on rent ranging in size from 40 kVA to 1250kVA with the capability to scale up to multi-megawatt power plants.
  • Our Generator have large fuel tanks for uninterrupted use, a range of protection equipment to suit many applications.
  • Canopied and sound-proof genset. Optional remote starting and paralleling.
  • Our generator rental team will assess  your power requirements and we can provide a complete survive with a support package including technical service back up and continuity.
Prime Rating (KVA)LengthWidthHeight
40 kVA Equipment Rental280011501450
62.5 kVA Hire Genset29501150 1575
82.5 kVA Genset on Rent38501150 1700
125 kVA Silent Genset Rental40001150 1700
200 kVA Canopied Genset45001500 1850

Industrial Diesel Generator on Rent – 500kVA TO 2000kVA

DG set on rent can be the better option for those who are planning to buy diesel generators in the future. Sudhir Rentals, we provide complete assistance to our customers in Saudi Arabia so that they can understand the pros & cons of the quality of diesel generator they are going to buy. That’s why we call it as “Try before you buy”

Sudhir Rentals provide cost effective generator hire packages for long or short term contracts. We will deliver efficiently and effectively on any of your power solutions needs. we offer speedy rental services to both emergency and planned projects.

At the heart of a Generator set is its diesel engine, Cummins diesel engines are ideal for commercial or industrial rental power applications.

Prime Rating (KVA)LengthWidthHeight
500 kVA Genset Hire650020002300
750 kVA Generator on rent750025002800
1000 kVA Rental Genset800030003100
1250 kVA Event Generator850034003300
2000 kvA Generator rental900036003500