JLG 450 AJ Boom Lift

45 M Platform
454 KG Capacity

Genie Z-62-40 Boom Lift

30 M Platform
340 KG Capacity

JLG 600 AJ Lift

10 M Platform
200 KG Capacity
Diesel / Electric

JLG E45AJ Boomlift

E45Aj articulated boom lift available on hire
9 M Platform
225 KG Capacity

Hire Telescopic Boom Lifts

JLG 460SJ Boom Lift

JLG 460Sj telescopic boom lift available on rent
5 M Platform
160 KG Capacity

Genie S-125 Boom lift

Genie boom lift available on hire in saudi arabia
5 M Platform
136 KG Capacity

JLG 1200SJP Ultra Boom

1200SJP ultaboom lift rental
6 M Platform
159 KG Capacity

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Hire Scissor Lifts

JLG 260 MRT Diesel Scissor Lift

7.9 M Platform
567 KG Capacity

Genie GS1530 Scissor Lift

6 M Platform
272 KG Capacity

JLG RT Rough Terrain Scissor lift

32 ft, Wide, jlg electric scissor lift
8 M Platform
567 KG Capacity
Diesel / Dual Fuel
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Hire Spider Boom Lifts (Crawler Lifts)

JLG X26J Plus Crawler Boom

jlg x26j crawler spider lift on hiring
10 M Platform
567 KG Capacity

JLG X19J Spider Lift

jlg spder lift on rent in riyadh
10 M Platform
200 KG Capacity
Petrol / Diesel / Electric
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Hassle-Free Hire of Booms, Lifts, Cherry Pickers, and More

Hiring your access rental equipment is an economical way to get your job done without burdening your balance sheet with long-term, high-value machine assets.

But we make the process quick, easy and reliable, too!

When you hire boom lift, scissor lift, cherry picker, telehandler or other Access solution from us, you get:

  • Local, nationwide and international delivery using our own delivery vehicles and our network of trusted partners up and down the saudi arabia and UAE
  • The assurance of a safe machine, thanks to our safety first approach and thorough examination and inspection of our machines, to manufacturers’ guidelines, before every hire.
  • Next-day delivery of many of our most popular machines .
  • Convenient payment options, including debit and credit card.

And all this comes with our trademark personal service – you deal with the same contacts every time, seven days a week if that’s what you need.

Boom lift hire: how high and far can we go?

When you hire a boom lift from us, you can get some serious reach, accompanied by a raft of other impressive specifications too.

Our Genie range includes telescopic booms that can get you up to nearly 33 metres’ working height, with nearly 23 metres’ horizontal reach and 360-degree continuous turntable rotation – in a dainty 2.74 metre turning circle!

Our JLG range features booms that can lift 454kg to a working height of nearly 48 metres, with well over 24 metres’ horizontal reach – all mounted on robust four-wheel drive or tracked bases.

From JLG to Genie, we offer booms with a range of working heights and weight capacities, with diesel fuel options for added versatility – and our range is growing all the time!

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Personnel and material lifts: get smaller jobs done safely

Whether you’re changing lighting, working way up in the rafters and girders, or picking stock from high up the racks in a warehouse, hire a vertical and material lift from us and you’ll get exactly what you need – something compact, but capable!

Our Genie lifts and JLS stockpicker range can lift anything up to 160kg, to a working height of anything up to 6 metres, quietly, cleanly, electrically.

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Scissor lift hire: electric, diesel, rough terrain

Hire a scissor lift from us and you’ll get a sturdy platform to work from, with the added security of railings.

But you’ll also get a choice of working heights, fuel, weight capacity and ground clearance, thanks to electric, diesel, dual fuel and all-terrain machines from Genie, JLG.

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Trailer-mounted lifts: mobile, manoeuvrable muscle!

Hire a equipment rental lift from us in KSA and you’ll be surprised just how much lift you can pack into such a small footprint!

Our range of crawler boom lifts from Genie and JLG can take up to 567 kg of weight to a working height of 10 metres, with a horizontal reach of up to 6.1 metres, in electric and diesel variants.

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Our many other access solutions for hire

Your work sometimes needs more than just booms and lifts – and whatever that access solution is, we’re the go-to specialists you can hire it from.

From booms, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, spider lift and more, if it works at height we can make it work for hire!

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