The core commitment is to deliver fast-track AWP rental equipment that match our focus of world class Rental Equipment Company. We are one-stop-service provider for temporary generator rental service and aerial lift rental.


Silent Diesel Generator Rental

We are one of the Best Generator Rental and AWP Rental company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA) , Middle East, with more than 7 years of experience in delivering Power Generators on hire to various projects in Saudi Arabia . One of the best and largest companies in the field of rental equipment and generators, where we have the quality and latest technology generators that you can use . We supply a wide range of generators on rent for 40 KVA to 1250 KVA at competitive rates. Be it for short or long duration, we offer best generator rental power solutions at industry leading prices.

Key benefits –

AWP Rental

Sudhir Rentals provides wide range of Aerial Works Platform (AWP) equipment on rental that includes Scissor lifts Rentals for indoor or outdoor applications, Telescopic boom lifts rental for straight reach jobs, or Articulating  boom lifts for spots that aren’t easily accessible

Aerial lift rental that are commonly used in construction, inspection, and repair services to lift employees to an elevated work position. Proper operation and use of this equipment can make completion of tasks at elevation safer and more efficient.

Fuel Tanks, Load Banks & LV/MV Cables

We offer the most reliable, safest and environment friendly rental double-walled fuel tanks available in the market. Doubled-walled, compact fuel tank are designed to provide on-demand fuel supply environmentally and efficiently.

Our reliable power testing load banks, timely deployment of equipment and skilled engineers ensure successful testing in quick time. We work closely with our customers in order to guarantee the continuity and reduce risk for their operations.

We provide Low Voltage – Medium voltage cables on hire with durability and easy handling. The cable is specifically designed for temporary applications and comes pre-terminated with either two-hole lugs (stress cones) or an assortment of load break or dead break elbow connectors.

Synchronizing Panels, Automatic Transfer Switches & Distribution Board

Synchronizing Panels are mainly designed and used to meet power system requirements. These panels function both manually & with automatic synchronizing function for using multiple generators. They are widely used in synchronizing generators and offering multiplex solutions.

Manual & Automatic transformers switches (MTS/ATS)

An “Automatic Transfer Switch” can guarantee that you have power; when an unplanned , temporary utility power outage as it’s connected to incoming utility power and also the generator set.

We can also configure two generators, one as a prime source and one as a back-up or redundant power source, utilizing the automatic transfer switch between them.